Chef Dish

Oishii Tingz

Created by Chef Amani Garcea


Offering a variety of superb services and mouth-watering menus, Oishii Tingz is one of the UK's pioneer voices in the contemporary cannabis  cooking industry. Years in the business have helped her develop a unique business catered, literally, to her clients, taste or needs.

So whether you’re planning a housewarming dinner party,  a unique and different date night for your partner or  simply need a break from the kitchen - Amani Garcea is the Chef you need.

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The idea of Oishii Tingz was birthed in 2020. Out of necessity it grew and was  formed. The world had shut down due to Covid19.  

Nobody knew their future anymore.

Although I am a fully trained chef, working in the top kitchen for the  biggest tobacco producing company in the world, furlough leaves my future cloudy.

Mental health is a struggle for everybody right now. So i've created an oishii dining experience of escapism thats  fun for you to enjoy.  All my Carib and Latin  flavours bursting in your mouth with added holistic benefits.  My dinner parties will nourish your body mind and soul and most importantly .... tastebuds! 


Welcome to my otaku universe!

Amani Garcea